Nashville Nights: Illuminating Your Outdoor Oasis with Creative Lighting

Nashville Nights: Illuminating Your Outdoor Oasis with Creative Lighting

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When the sun sets in Nashville, the vibrant city takes on a new allure as the night comes alive. One key element that can truly elevate your outdoor experience is creative lighting. Choosing unique lighting will help you create a mesmerizing atmosphere and make your Nashville nights truly unforgettable.


Twinkling Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a timeless favorite for outdoor lighting. They add a touch of magic and whimsy to any space. String them along trees, pergolas, or fences to create a warm and enchanting ambiance. Consider using solar-powered fairy lights to minimize energy consumption and make maintenance hassle-free. Choose warm white or soft pastel colors to evoke a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Pathway Lighting

Adding pathway lighting is a smart move to make nighttime walks in your yard safer and more enjoyable. You can bring cohesiveness by coordinating these lights with other landscape lighting in your flower beds which is sure to elevate the curb appeal of your home! If installing pathway lighting and landscape lighting seems like too big of a job, just reach out to Gardens of Babylon. We are happy to help with your lighting needs!

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Lanterns and Candles

For a rustic and charming aesthetic, lanterns and candles are perfect additions to your outdoor oasis. Place them strategically on tables, hang them from tree branches, or line them along pathways. Opt for flickering LED candles for a safer alternative that still creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Mix and match different sizes and styles of lanterns to add visual interest and a touch of personality.


Fire Pits and Torches

Nothing compares to the mesmerizing glow and warmth of a crackling fire. Install a fire pit in your outdoor space to create a focal point for relaxation and socializing. Enhance the ambiance further by incorporating torches around the perimeter of your yard or patio. The combination of dancing flames and flickering lights will captivate guests and provide a cozy gathering spot.

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LED Spotlights

To add a dramatic flair to your outdoor oasis, consider using LED spotlights to highlight specific features. Direct the lights towards trees, statues, or architectural elements to create captivating shadows and focal points. Use a warm white or a variety of colors to create different moods and customize the ambiance to suit your desired atmosphere. These spotlights can also be strategically placed near windows for added security.

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Illuminated Water Features

If you’re fortunate enough to have a water feature, such as a pond or a pool, make it the star of your outdoor oasis by incorporating underwater lighting. Install submersible LED lights to create a stunning visual effect, illuminating the water with a soft, ethereal glow. You can also add floating LED orbs or water-resistant LED strips around the perimeter of the feature to enhance the overall effect.

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In Nashville, the magic doesn’t fade when the sun goes down—it simply transforms. Incorporating creative lighting into your outdoor oasis, creates a captivating ambiance and allows you to continue using your space well into the evening. So, infuse your outdoor oasis with creative lighting, and get ready to create unforgettable memories under the starry skies of Music City. Contact Gardens of Babylon for help bringing life and light to all your outdoor spaces!

Elevate Your Yard into an Entertainer’s Dream Space

Elevate Your Yard into an Entertainer’s Dream Space



When it comes to hosting memorable gatherings and lively soirées, having a well-designed and inviting yard can make all the difference. Whether you’re a seasoned entertainer or just starting to explore the joys of hosting, transforming your yard into an entertainer’s dream space can enhance your experiences and create lasting memories. In this blog, we will explore some inspiration and offer valuable tips to help you elevate your yard into a perfect hub of stylish entertainment right here in Nashville, TN.

Define Your Entertainment Zones

To create a functional and well-organized entertaining space, it’s essential to define different zones within your yard. Start by identifying areas for seating, dining, and recreational activities. Consider the flow of your space and how guests will move between these zones. By creating distinct areas, you can cater to different activities and ensure everyone has a place to relax and enjoy themselves.

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Comfortable Outdoor Seating

Comfortable seating is a crucial aspect of any entertainment space. Invest in high-quality outdoor furniture that not only looks stylish but also provides comfort and durability. Consider options like plush sofas, lounge chairs, and weather-resistant cushions to create a cozy atmosphere where your guests can unwind and socialize.

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Dining and Cooking

A well-designed dining area can transform your yard into an inviting space for al fresco dining experiences. Set up a stylish outdoor dining table and chairs, complete with ambient lighting to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. If you love to cook, consider installing an outdoor kitchen or grill area where you can prepare delicious meals while engaging with your guests.

Outdoor Kitchen

Create Ambiance with Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a vital role in setting the mood and creating a magical atmosphere in your yard. Use a combination of soft, ambient lighting and strategic accent lights to highlight key features and create a cozy ambiance. Consider string lights, lanterns, and pathway lighting to add warmth and depth to your outdoor space, making it perfect for evening gatherings.


Incorporate Natural Elements

Embrace the beauty of nature by incorporating greenery and natural elements into your yard. Plant vibrant flowers, create a lush garden, or add potted plants to enhance the visual appeal of your space. If you have enough space, consider adding a water feature like a fountain or pond to provide a calming backdrop and create a soothing environment for your guests.


Add Entertainment Options

Entertainment options can take your yard to the next level of fun. Consider installing a fire pit for cozy gatherings, a built-in sound system for music, or a projector and screen for outdoor movie nights. These additions will keep your guests engaged and create memorable experiences that will be talked about long after the event is over. If you reach out, we can help with every aspect of your outdoor project – including sound!

Embrace the Nashville Vibe

As you transform your yard into an entertainer’s dream space, embrace the unique Nashville vibe. Incorporate elements of local culture and music, such as a small stage for live performances or a designated area for impromptu jam sessions. Adding a touch of Nashville’s vibrant spirit will make your entertainment space truly special.

With these inspiration and tips, you can elevate your yard into an entertainer’s dream space right here in Nashville, TN. Creating distinct zones, comfortable seating, and incorporating elements of nature will make your yard inviting and visually appealing. By adding the right lighting, entertainment options, and embracing the local vibe, you can create an atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. So, let your creativity flow, and transform your yard into a hub of stylish entertainment that reflects your unique personality and love for hosting unforgettable gatherings. And, remember Gardens of Babylon is here to help!

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Artificial Turf or Live Lawn: The BIG Debate

Artificial Turf or Live Lawn: The BIG Debate

Artificial Turf or Live Lawn: The Big Debate

Lawns are a luxury for a large part of the world’s population. But, did you know that there is an alternative to live grass lawn? There is a rising interest and move to Artificial Turf and understanding the differences are key to deciding which option is best for your yard.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has become a popular choice in urban areas due to its many advantages, such as saving water, time, and money. With its realistic look and feel, it‘s no wonder why people are choosing artificial turf over live grass. Not only does it feel great on bare feet, making it safe for children and pets to play on, but it also requires very little to no maintenance to keep it looking amazing! Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibers that are molded into blades and stitched together for a naturallooking appearance. It is also highly resistant to sun, chemicals, and abrasion damage that can occur to live lawns during the summer months. In addition, artificial turf is perfect for areas with limited sunlight, such as balconies and rooftops, because it does not need to be watered, fertilized, or mowed. Investing in artificial turf may even boost the value of your home when it comes time to sell. All things considered, it is clear that artificial turf is a great option for smaller yards and offers a variety of benefits.

Live Lawns

379A1661 1024X683 1 Although artificial turf has its benefits, live lawns remain the preferred choice for most homeowners. The feeling of the organic material underfoot makes one feel closer to nature and the initial cost of installation is usually lower. Additionally, there are many options for live lawns that don‘t require an abundance of water and nutrients to stay healthy.

If you are located in a drier area, Bermuda grass may work well for you. Once established, this drought tolerant grass does well in hot and dry areas. A finely textured grass that grows best when maintained at 1-2 inches in height, Bermuda grass requires full sun for best growth. The dense, dark green appearance makes it attractive for many southern homeowners and those without irrigation.

Another good option, especially for cooler seasons, is Kentucky bluegrass since it retains its beautiful green color for most of the year. Because of its shallow root system, it isn’t very drought tolerant and requires supplemental watering to survive hot summers, such as we have in our home state of Tennessee.

Perennial ryegrass is another beautiful option for a live lawn, but does require more maintenance than most grasses. It’s not very drought-tolerant, prefers a cooler season, and in summer months will need an irrigation system to thrive.

But the most popular option for live lawns continues to be fescue, in which there are many cultivar to choose from: tall fescue, fine fescue, and red fescue to name a few. These hardy grasses require very little maintenance, and if a contractor sowed your lawn, you may have a mixture already in your yard. Fescues do a good job of crowding out weeds and withstanding dry spells, providing you with more time to spend doing other things with your family.

Should You Make the Switch?

Whether you are deciding between artificial turf or live lawn or choosing between live lawn grasses, the expert advice of a Gardens of Babylon consultant can help! If you have an existing live lawn that isn’t thriving, we can determine what is lacking and set you up with one of our lawn care programs to get it looking lush and green again. Schedule with one of our designers and we can look over your property and discuss the best options for your yard that fits your lifestyle and needs.

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