Backyard Landscape for Play & Edibles

Written by Matt Kerske

December 19, 2017

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We recently finished a backyard landscape which will be featured on Volunteer Gardener later this Summer.  The backyard belonged to a traditional ranch style home in East Nashville.  For more videos that inspire, visit http://video.wnpt.org/show/volunteer-gardener/

The backyard pitched down away from the home.  Good for drainage, a small challenge for patios.  Along with patio and fire pit, the homeowner was looking for a design that incorporated edible gardens, berry bushes, fruit trees, mulched in playset, under deck storage and privacy fence.  Though the original plan exceeded the homeowners budget, we were able to work within her priorities to arrive at a final plan.  

The patio was constructed out of a Belgard wall and paver patio.  Colonial block and Dublin cobble pavers to be exact.  To construct a fire pit on top of a patio, the professional route is to build the floor out of fire brick and mortar only half in.  Fill half of the 1″ joints with gravel to allow rainwater to filter down to a corrugated pipe underneath patio to drain out of the side.

Nashville landscape, before and after

Liberty apple trees, a great variety for the southeast, rabbit eye blueberries, thornless blackberries made up the bulk of the berry/ fruit installation.  Two large cedar raised beds were installed around the patio giving quick and easy access.

For the playset mulching, a 4×4 pressure treated timber border was installed after the sod was cut around the playset.  At least a  4″ installation of play soft mulch was used which is specifically manufactured for such an area and is widely used in commercial/ residential playgrounds around the country.  For more information, visit http://www.mulchcompany.com/products.php

Overall the homeowner was thrilled with the transformation of her backyard space.  Such a transformation will not only create many years of enjoyment, but will also look to increase the overall value of the home.  Of course, as always, we were honored to be entrusted with the confidence to construct another dream of a happy client.

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