Container Planting with Dana and Julie

Written by Emily Vogler

May 3, 2021

Nashville realtor Julie Lee Simpson partnered with our in-house container planting expert Dana Stein to create an awesome how-to video!

Anyone that knows Julie and Dana know they’re huge gardening enthusiasts. And they’ve got us feeling ready to work on our spring gardening containers.  Want them to look like the pros? Like the ones we see in magazines and Pinterest?  Watch the video or scroll to see the tips to container planting success

  • How do you choose plants for your containers? What are you looking for?
    – It’s personal! Walk around the garden center and see what sparks joy for you!
    – Find what color combos work well together/design with contrasting colors!
    – Add a splash of white to colorful containers – white brings out the colors of the other flowers and marries them all together.
    – Add yellow to containers for curb appeal because yellow is a natural spot light and makes people turn their heads
  • Tips for filling out your container?
    – Add 3 layers of height for the best “WOW” effect. You’ll want a Thriller/Filler/Spiller. The thriller plant will be the tallest, the filler plant will fill in around the middle and the spiller plant will trail down.
    – When you purchase new plants for your container, get the majority of the dirt off of the roots! This way, you’ll have more room for more plants and
  • What soil should I use for my container?
    – Fill your containers with a quality commercial potting soil. Quality potting soil should include generous helpings of some of the following amendments: peat moss, compost, perlite, vermiculite, and/or rotted manure. Inexpensive potting soils are not always a bargain, so read the label before you buy. You get what you pay for with soil.
  • What about fertilization?
    – Fertilize Regularly! To keep flowers and vegetables in top form all summer, you’ll need to fertilize them. Some potting soils have slow-release fertilizer already mixed in, but it’s still a good idea to add a few drops of liquid fertilizer every time you water. Flowers and vegetables are heavy feeders and will thrive with an extra dose of plant food.
  • How can I keep my containers looking great all season?
    – Regular maintenance for your containers. Just like we need haircuts, so do our plant friends throughout the season. Don’t be shy in cutting blooms to bring inside to enjoy. When we prune our plants, that promotes new growth, flowers and keeps them looking fresh.

Gardens of Babylon is fully stocked on spring perennials and annuals so you can get started on a gorgeous container garden today!

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