Gifts for Green Thumbs

Written by Gloria Ballard

November 20, 2020

Gifts for gardeners

We’ve entered the holiday season, and shopping for gifts for loved ones and friends may be at the top of your to-do list. If your giftee happens to be a gardener or someone who loves plants, there are dozens of items in the Gardens of Babylon garden center that could be the perfect choice. Check out these ideas:

Host or hostess gifts

Small items from the garden center can be excellent host or hostess gifts. Consider candles, sage bundles, incense sticks or cones. There are seasonal plants  — poinsettias, potted amaryllis or paperwhite narcissus bulbs – along with air plants (and artful pots to display them in), lucky bamboo and other easy-care greenery.

Small gemstones and geodes can be an unexpected gift for a host or anyone who appreciates their beauty and uniqueness. “We have a lot of new and unique gemstones, and special species gemstones, some that are larger and more rare,” says Garden Center manager Neil Anderson. 

Tools & Accessories

For beginning gardeners: Someone just getting into gardening may need the basics: a sturdy trowel, a good weeding tool, bypass pruners, pots or planters and gardening gloves are all good additions to a beginner’s collection. A hori hori knife should be in every gardener’s toolbag.

For experienced gardeners: Maybe your gardening friend has all the tools they need, but any gardener can appreciate a new pair of garden gloves, and it’s nice to have a variety: lightweight gloves for everyday tasks, heavy-duty gloves for the big jobs. And any gardener – even those who’ve been at it for years – may appreciate new hand tools, or replacements of worn-out favorites. New bypass pruners for big jobs, or needlenose pruners or snips for more delicate tasks, are always welcome. Every gardener has a favorite weeding tool, but appreciates different types of tools for different tasks. 

A small but special gift (think stocking-stuffers) could be a selection of seeds – flowers or vegetables – for the dedicated kitchen or cutting-garden gardener.

Indoor plants

Houseplants may be a welcome addition, especially for gardeners who need something to keep them close to the soil in winter.

For advanced gardeners with interest in caring for plants, consider something unusual such as Monstera adansonii or M. deliciosa. Anderson points out the selections of bonsai for indoors and outdoors, along with the soil, pruning tools and “all things bonsai” for the new or experienced enthusiast. Special, gift-able herbs to grow indoors in winter include bay laurel, as well as rosemary and lavender topiaries.

For the gardener who claims to “kill every plant I bring in,”: Snake plant, ZZ Plant, pothos, and cast iron plant are a few easy-to-love and hard-to-kill houseplants. For any houseplant enthusiast, snips, watering cans, misters, small tools to use for planting and tending terrariums and smaller indoor plants would be a welcome gift.

Outdoor plants

Think outside the house and consider trees and shrubs, because fall and winter, when these plants are dormant, is a good time to get them settled into the landscape before new growth begins in spring. “We have great living Christmas trees,” Anderson says. “Emerald arborvitae, Leyland cypress and Alberta spruce are the best.” And after Christmas, they can be planted to enhance the landscape.  

Other special plants may include citrus selections – Mexican lime and Meyer lemon are favorites — or a wide range of tropicals that grow indoors in winter but spend summer on the patio. 

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a Gardens of Babylon gift card. Gift card amounts range from $25 to $1,000, and can be redeemed for either garden center products or landscape services.

Christmas trees and wreaths are in! Trees and wreaths are available in the Online Shop; garland is available in-store. Gift-able items continue to arrive at the Gardens of Babylon Garden Center, so watch for more ideas in the coming days…

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