January Landscaping Tips

Tree pruning

Written by Emily Vogler

January 1, 2022

Here are some tips to keep your landscaping happy in January!

  • A dry winter day is a good time to mow the lawn and remove fallen leaves and pine needles.
  • Inspect your yard for winter weeds and pull or spray.
  • Plant hardy evergreens, shrubs, and fruit and shade trees.
  • Remove unattractive plants and replace.
  • Transplant established trees and shrubs while they are dormant, and as long as the ground isn’t frozen or too wet.
  • Prune with a purpose. Do not “top” any trees or shrubs. Never leave stubs. Cut flush against remaining branches on shrubs and along the branch collar on trees.
  • Clean, sharpen and repair all your garden and lawn tools.
  • Clean and have your power mower, edger and trimmer serviced.
  • Continue to mulch leaves from the lawn and remove debris from turf areas to reduce disease and insect problems.
  • Pre-emergent herbicides are applied with the year’s first mulching, and must be reapplied for effective year-round control.

If you’re ready to start checking off your 2021 To Do’s, Gardens of Babylon Landscapes is here to help! Whether you are interested in beginning a new landscape project or adding on to an existing one in 2020, January is a great time to start planning the landscape of your dreams! To get started, schedule a call with one of our talented design team members.

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