Orchid Care

Written by Emily Vogler

November 13, 2020

The holiday season is full of events and celebrations but also can be very stressful while you are trying to find a unique and special gift. Orchids are a perfect holiday gift for your family, friends, host or hostess of the party you are invited to.  Watch as Brennan walks you through orchid care tips and tricks to help them stay happy and blooming after you receive one as a gift (or treat yourself to a new plant)!

  • They are a long blooming gift.
    • Orchids can bloom anywhere from weeks to months
  • Striking, elegant, exotic and unique – perfect gifts!
    • These plants are stunning and you can arrange them quite nicely to become an extraordinary and very impressive gift! 
  • Orchids need very little care.
    • They’re very low-maintenance plants and need watering once every week or 2 to stay happy.
    • Fertilize frequently during the growing season
  • Safe for pets and people!
    • Orchids don’t have loose pollen grains and it makes them a safe gift for allergy sufferers. Also, orchids are safe for pets.

These plants make truly unique gifts that any plant lover would surely love to receive. We have tons in stock right now! 

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