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Frequently Asked Questions:

We aim to be clear in our communication, but in case something was missed, please refer to this nifty section.

Garden Center and General Questions:

Are your products and services certified organic?

We are not OMRI-certified Organic, but we do specialize in natural, organic products, and services. Our nursery plants are grown from GMO-free seeds or cuttings. However, we cannot guarantee that every nursery with which we conduct business uses organic or natural methods. Regardless of the initial growing process, we believe it is important that organic and natural growing methods be carried out after planting. For this reason, our store carries mostly natural and organic soil amendments and pesticides, and our landscape teams use only natural and organic plant care products and methods.

Can you help me with a question I have about my plant?

Yes! We love to help our customers’ plants happy! Please send us an email with photos and a description of what’s going on to [email protected]

What is your return policy?

We accept returns on undamaged items within 3 days of purchase with original receipt, for a refund or exchange. Refunds will be in the original payment type.

Can you hold items for me until I’m ready to pick them up?

We can hold purchased items at the store for up to 10 days. If an item is not picked up within 10 days, we will issue a refund and return the product to the floor. We cannot hold items that have not been purchased.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver locally for a fee. Within 10 miles of the store, our delivery fee is $40 if it requires one person, and $80 if it requires two or more people. If beyond 10 miles, there will be a fee of $2 per additional mile, on top of the base price. For deliveries that require on-site potting, additional fees may be assessed.

What is your pet policy?

We love pets and might even give them a treat! But please keep in mind that all pets must be on a leash or in a carrier. See Nashville Farmers’ Market Pet Policy for more information.

Do you sell mulch, soil or compost in bulk quantities?

For Bulk Mulch, Soil & Compost inquiries, please head to our online store.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes — They are available in any denomination for purchase online or in-store. We do not replace lost or stolen gift cards, please treat your gift cards like cash and keep them in a safe location.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Loyalty Program Information: 
Join our Plant Loyalty Club! Text “gardens” to 87573


Details about Loyalty Program:

Program Tiers:

Wildflower Club: Earn 1 point per 1 dollar spent

Iris Club: Earn 1.5 points per 1 dollar spent (after reaching 1,000 points)

Rose Club: Earn 2 points per 1 dollar spent (after reaching 3,000 points)


Point-based $ Off Rewards: 

100 points – $5 Off of a $20 purchase

250 points – $15 Off of a $50 purchase

500 points – $40 Off of a $100 purchase

1,000 points – $100 Off of a $250 purchase

Please note our loyalty program is not currently compatible with purchases made through our online store.

What in-store discount programs do you offer?
  • Loyalty: You can earn various discounts through our loyalty program. To join our Plant Loyalty Club! Text “gardens” to 87573
  • Senior Citizen: We offer a 10% discount for citizens over the age of 60, with proof of age via a government-issued ID.
  • Military: We offer a 10% discount for Military members. Please present your military ID at the register.
  • Non-profit: We offer a 10% discount, non-tax, to 501c3 non-profit organizations. Please provide your Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption to be eligible for this program.
  • Wholesale: Please contact us at 615-244-8949 or [email protected] for inquiries about eligibility and details. This program is only available for Interior Designers and Landscape Contractors. If you provide a Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption you will not be charged tax on purchases.
What’s the best way for me to find out if you have a specific item in stock?

Some products are available through our online store, but not all. Feel free to call us at 615-244-8949 ext 1 (please leave a message if we’re unable to answer), send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at [email protected]. We try to respond to messages within one business day if not sooner.

Landscaping Questions:

I’m interested in your Landscape Services -- how do I start the process?

Book a free phone consultation here. Your sales representative will speak with you about your landscaping needs and potentially offer additional ideas over the phone. From there, your sales representative will provide you with an onsite consultation, design fee, or site visit, depending on your project’s needs.

I had an appointment scheduled but nobody called me?

We make every effort to call at the exact consultation time. However, our sales representatives can sometimes be held up with prior customer interactions beyond their control. For all appointment issues, please call us at 615-244-8949 ext.2 and our receptionist will be happy to assist you.

What areas of Tennessee do you service?

We offer landscaping in the following areas of Middle Tennessee: Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, 12 South, East Nashville, Inglewood, Green Hills, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, Clarksville, Old Hickory, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Nolensville, Belle Meade, Oak Hill, and Forest Hills. Is your area not listed? Send us a message and we can see how we can work with you.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured landscape company and can provide proof of insurance at time of presenting our landscape proposal if requested to do so.

What type of return can I expect on my investment?

Though we are not a real estate appraisal company, existing research indicates that, depending on enhancements, landscaping can increase the value of the property up to 15%.

Do you offer warranties on installations?

We offer warranties on our plantings, hardscaping, lighting, irrigation, and audio.  Please speak with a sales representative for more information.

If you design my landscape, how will I maintain and care for it?

Our design team makes every effort to utilize low maintenance plantings and design elements. At the end of the project, we’ll provide a care video and document to educate you on optimal landscape care practices. We can also provide a maintenance quote, with varying levels of service and pricing, to help ensure your landscape continues looking its best.

Do you design and install patios and retaining walls?

Yes, we do! We design and install many hardscape elements, such as paver and natural stone patios and walkways, retaining walls, gravel areas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, seat walls, and boulders. We also work with a select group of carpenters to construct decks, fences, pergolas, and pavilions.

Can you come to my house to give me a price on landscaping?

We begin all of our landscape consultations with a free phone consultation where you can speak directly to a member of our design or sales team. Once you confirm an appointment time, you will be asked to send pictures of your space to a member of our design team. The designer or sales representative will use your pictures as well as satellite imagery to talk through your needs and wants to arrive at the best solution for your project. The call is also helpful in providing other initial ideas or considerations for your project. Once your phone consultation has been completed, your design representative will confirm next steps.

What is eco-friendly landscaping?

At Gardens of Babylon Landscapes, we use progressive all-natural fertilizers and amendments and choose not to use chemicals containing neonicotinoids and/or glyphosate, such as “Roundup”. We believe in the stewardship of our planet and try to offer our customers the very best in organic and natural solutions for their home and garden.

How long does a design and/or the beginning of production usually take?

This can vary depending on the season, as spring and summer tend to be our busiest times of the year. On average, projects requiring design and estimation work can take 2-4 weeks to finalize. Projects requiring smaller cleanups or enhancements may only require 1-2 weeks to price out. Once a price and design has been finalized and approved, production typically begins 2-5 weeks later.

What are some other benefits of choosing Gardens of Babylon?

We also offer a 90-Day Warranty on all installed plant material, as well as a 3-Year Hardscape Warranty on patios and walkways. Our Landscape Maintenance customers also receive additional discounts at our Garden Center and Online Shop.

Is there anything you don’t do?

We do not install Christmas lights, indoor fireplaces (outdoor only), basement flooding remediation services (outdoor drainage remediation only).

Although we design & install the following when they are a part of larger installations, we DO NOT install these elements by themselves: decks and fencing, ponds, pools, pergolas, and pavilions.

Maintenance Questions:

Do you provide Seasonal Color?

Yes, we design and install Seasonal Spring and Fall Color designs with Annuals and Bulbs for high traffic areas that will help gain attention and improve the overall aesthetics of your property. For more information, schedule a phone consultation.

What types of maintenance plans do you offer?

We offer Maintenance Packages to meet your needs whether it’s a one-time clean-up, bi-weekly bed maintenance or mowing, we will work with you to create a package for what you need.

Services include: 

  • Landscape Clean-ups: Bed weeding & edging, shrub pruning & removal, mulching, & more
  • Bed Maintenance Programs: An annual contract to maintain homeowners’ landscape beds including weeding, edging, mulching, fertilizing, and pruning of perennials, shrubs, and trees. We will work with you to create a plan that works for you and your property and are available for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly maintenance plans. 
  • Mowing & Bed Maintenance: An annual contract to mow turf and maintain landscape beds on the property.

Additional Maintenance Services we offer include: Exterior Containers, Compost Tea Applications, Aeration & Overseeding, Irrigation Maintenance, Natural Pest Control, and Natural Turf Care

What are Compost Tea Applications?

Compost tea is great at increasing soil and plant health, and healthy plants are more able to resist pests and diseases.  Compost tea is a liquid produced by extracting beneficial microorganisms (microbes)—bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and micro arthropods—from compost using a brewing process. A true compost tea contains all of the organisms that were present in the compost before brewing. The brewed water extract should also have soluble nutrients from the compost.

What is Natural Pest Control?

Powerful plant botanical oils are applied, via granular and liquid applications, that help to repel mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers for up to 3 weeks depending on weather conditions. We offer seasonal programs to help homeowners find relief from these pesky insects. Contact us for more information.

Hardscape Questions:

What types of hardscapes do you install?

We design & install many types of hardscapes. These include, but are not limited to: Walking paths, Driveways, Patios, Firepits, Fireplaces, Outdoor Kitchens, and Retaining Walls.

Irrigation Questions:

Do you maintain existing irrigation systems? Do you install and service irrigation systems?

We install new irrigation systems as well as maintain existing irrigation systems. You can learn more by scheduling an irrigation consultation here.

What type of maintenance does an irrigation system require?

Irrigation systems require activation and winterizing annually. They also require seasonal adjustments to ensure they are running properly and maintaining optimal watering practices during changing seasonal conditions. We offer irrigation maintenance contracts on new and existing irrigation systems.