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Pothos - Epipremnum pinnatum 'Albo' 4"

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Epipremnum Pinnatum Albo Variegata - 4" Pot

Discover the striking Epipremnum Pinnatum Albo Variegata, a rare and sought-after variety of the popular vining plant. Presented in a convenient 4-inch pot, this plant is a true gem for any indoor garden. Its stunning variegated leaves, featuring splashes of white and cream against a deep green background, make it a standout addition to any plant collection.

Key Features:

  • Eye-Catching Variegation: Each leaf is a unique work of art, with patterns of white, cream, and green.
  • Versatile Growth Habit: Watch it climb or let it trail, offering flexibility in how you display it.
  • Moderate Growth: Enjoy watching your plant flourish without it becoming overwhelming.
  • Air Purifying: Like its Epipremnum relatives, it helps purify the air, making it a healthy addition to your home or office.

Care Instructions:

  • Light: Thrives in medium to bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight to protect its variegation.
  • Water: Water when the top 1-2 inches of soil feel dry. Be cautious of overwatering.
  • Humidity: Prefers a humid environment but can tolerate average home humidity levels.
  • Temperature: Keep it in a warm environment, ideally between 65-80°F (18-27°C).
  • Feeding: Fertilize monthly during the growing season with a diluted balanced fertilizer.

Why Choose the Epipremnum Pinnatum Albo Variegata? This Epipremnum variant is not just a plant; it's a living piece of decor. Its unique variegation adds a sophisticated touch to any space, and its ease of care makes it suitable for both novice and experienced plant owners. Whether you're expanding your rare plant collection or starting with something special, the Epipremnum Pinnatum Albo Variegata is an excellent choice.

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