3 Popular Pools for Small Yards

So Many Decisions…Where do I Start?

When building a pool in your yard, there are important decisions to make. Do you go with a traditional design, or something more unique? Should you have a swim-up bar, or a hot tub? Should you have a deep end or a sports pool? But the most important question of all – how much room do you have to work with? If your answer is, “not much”, then you want to continue reading! We’ve compared 3 popular pool options that fit the needs of even the smallest yards!

There are surprisingly many options for those who want the pool without the hassle of a major construction project. A modular pool is one such option—it’s built in sections that are easily transported to your yard and assembled onsite. The sections can be customized to fit any size yard and require only minimal digging. Although installing a traditional in-ground pool is another option for small spaces, this is typically a large construction project requiring room for excavation equipment and takes a lot longer to install than our 3 top recommendations. So if you’re looking for an even smaller space solution that takes a fraction of time, consider a plunge pool!

Hello Plunge Pools!

Dog Pool Plunge pools are making a comeback in the pool industry! When people imagine a pool, they might picture the kind that goes from one end of the yard to the other, made for diving boards and swimming laps. But what if you have a small yard? That’s where plunge pools come in. Sharing the same basic design and durability as other kinds of pools, adding one of these beauties to your outdoor space is sure to make a lasting impression.

Amanda, founder of Palmingo Pools in Nashville, states that “plunge pools are a people magnet! They can be used year-round with a gas heater, take less chemicals, allow for more space for landscaping or other yard features, and make a yard feel bigger.” Another big attraction to plunge pools is that they use less water and are typically much quicker to install than traditional swimming pools.

There are some other differences between plunge pools and more traditional pools. For instance, plunge pools do come in various sizes but are usually rectangular or circular, with walls uniform without a slope from shallow into deep. This doesn’t affect how popular they are or how well they work for lounging or swimming. The flooring may be flat and plain or have unique features built in, depending on the type of plunge pool you choose. And, speaking of choices, there are so many!

Shipping Container Pool

Wide Shot Of Pool Patio Deck Steps It’s probably no surprise that shipping container pools are in our top 3 pools for small yards!  These plunge pools are, as their name implies, made of shipping containers. They’re primarily used to ship cargo all over the world, but now they’re also used as a great resource for creating amazing backyard pools. They are stronger than steel and can last for up to eighty years!

These pools are also customizable to your specific needs and tastes. Thick glass windows can be added for the aesthetic aquarium look. Containers come in all different sizes, so you can select one that is right for your yard. And if the container you get doesn’t fit your exact space, there are optional “cut-outs” that allow you to customize the shape of the pool. There are also special kits to help stabilize and secure your pool as well as other add-ons like solar covers, salt systems, lighting systems, and even slides to choose from! Be sure to check out our shipping container pool project from the photo.

Precast Concrete Pool

Untitled Design 20 Precast concrete pools are an increasingly popular choice for those looking to install a swimming pool in a smaller yard. They are pre-formed and cast offsite and then shipped to the property to install, making them much more efficient and cost-effective than traditional in-ground pools. You can choose from rectangular and circular shapes in various sizes. Precast concrete pools have the same benefits as other plunge pools being economical, efficient and long-lasting with some bonuses. They can be tiled internally or externally for a beautiful customized look. They also can be pre-plumbed for heating allowing for installation of an electric heat pump, gas heater, or solar power. Furthermore, these pools can usually be installed on sloped or sandy lots. This makes them a great choice for lots that are not suited for a traditional pool, still offering plenty of room to swim laps or just relax in the cool water. Overall, when it comes to small yards, concrete precast pools are a fantastic option! 

Soaking Pool

Night Pool A soaking pool is, as its name states, made for soaking. The smallest pool of all the ones mentioned are incredibly economical. These can allow for year-round enjoyment being cool in the summer and warm in the winter, if heated. Soaking pools can be a real showstopper since they can be covered with rock, or slate and can be integrated with your landscaping. Added jets and salt water systems can make for an amazing therapeutic experience! 

A private pool can be one of the most attractive features in a yard. So if you’ve been dreaming of an oasis that will bring friends and family together by the dozen, but you thought your yard just wasn’t big enough to support it—we’d encourage you to take a second look! And when you’re ready, let us know to send out a designer for a consultation to look over your many options! We have over 20 years of design experience and work closely with local pool companies, such as Palmingo Pools, ensuring that your investment is handled with the utmost care! Contact us with any questions!

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    So true! Especially excavating for swimming pools in California comes with unique challenges. The presence of rocky soil, stringent regulations, and limited space can make the process arduous. However, with careful planning, experienced contractors, and proper permits, these hurdles can be overcome. The end result—a refreshing oasis amidst California’s sunny landscape—is well worth the effort.

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    Great article! Popular pools for small yards offer a refreshing and enjoyable experience despite limited space. They come in various styles, transforming your yard into a personal oasis for relaxation and recreation. Don’t let a small yard stop you from enjoying the benefits of having a pool at home.


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