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Give your landscape
a nice boost

User mother nature
to improve your soil

Keep your soil
alive and healthy

Your yard should look exactly like you want.

Compost tea, also known as Liquid Biological Amendment (LBA), is the superfood that gives your landscape a boost – a rich brew that uses the science of Mother Nature to improve soil. Do you know how much this rejuvenating liquid can help your landscape? Our maintenance team creates custom “recipes” for every soil type to keep soil alive and healthy.

Read more on our blog here or schedule a landscaping maintenance consultation today to learn more about our Compost Tea Application Service!

Landscaping Services

For homeowners who need advice and help with troublesome soil and other lawn and garden issues, Gardens of Babylon offers a range of ways making it easier to enjoy a lush, properly managed landscape. Services range from mowing and landscape bed maintenance to regular turf treatments to keep the lawn looking its best, all using sustainable products and processes.

Homeowners can set up an annual maintenance contract with services that include:

Spring and fall cleanups, typically in February or March ahead of the growing season, and again in the fall to prepare the landscape for winter.
Professional pruning or ornamentals or fruit trees, cutting back roses, maintaining boxwoods.

Mulching to prevent soil moisture evaporation and germination of weed seeds in garden beds in spring and a secondary layer of mulch in fall.
Planting annuals for seasonal color in garden beds and custom containers.
Irrigation system management, including seasonal maintenance in spring and fall.

Other landscape enhancements can include applications of compost tea to improve soil health, lawn aeration and overseeding, leaf cleanup and spring-flowering bulb-planting in fall, drain clean-out, mosquito control and other services that allow homeowners to enjoy the landscape without much fuss and bother.

What our customers are saying

We love hearing stories on how we were able to renew our clients’ connection with nature.

Quotation Mark

My husband and I hired Gardens of Babylon to fix problems in our existing flagstone patio and walkway that were caused by improper installation several years ago by a different installer. We are thrilled with the results! The work included removing and replacing mortar, filling in an area that was previously an ugly fountain so that it matched the adjacent area, and removing and repairing a wall cap in order to reach low voltage wiring inside which was not working.

We now have a beautiful patio with working lights that I’m no longer embarrassed to use! Sometimes it’s not easy to see all the problems that exist until you take a thing apart, and of course, we ran into a surprise or two. We found the folks at Gardens of Babylon to be very responsive to our concerns and wishes throughout the project, adjusting when necessary and working to keep the project moving forward.

This may have been a small project for them, but they treated us as if our job was of the utmost importance. Many thanks to Marcus, Cade and their team.

Jodi W.

Design and installation provided by Gardens of Babylon

Quotation Mark
Beautiful design, great plants, and very nice and cooperative people. The designer was thorough and professional and listened to my wishes. The design is beautiful and was well executed by knowledgeable and courteous staff.

Patsy C.

Design and installation provided by Gardens of Babylon

Quotation Mark
I had walkway, hardscape and landscape installed. The staff did an excellent job and I didn’t have to wait months to get it completed. Everyone was professional, efficient and accommodating. I’m very pleased!

Victoria H.

Design and installation provided by Gardens of Babylon

Quotation Mark

Gardens of Babylon helped us transform our forgettable patio space into an attractive, functional hardscape, and all for a very reasonable price. Mike Omar — and the installers, especially — exceeded our expectations on this project and we are so happy with the results.

Brent E.

Design and installation provided by Gardens of Babylon

Let’s create the outdoor space of your dreams

Gardens of Babylon Landscapes is one of the premier landscape design companies in Tennessee. Experienced and reliable, we’ve been serving middle Tennessee for more than two decades. Today, we’re eager to assist property owners in the design and construction of their dream landscape.

Our team is experienced and skilled – they understand the ins and outs of building beautiful outdoor spaces that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about our how we can help you, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Work with our landscape designers to develop a customized design that combines your personal style and budget and enhances your whole outdoor space.

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Our installation experts install your landscaping with no hidden costs or surprises

Pay exactly what you expect to pay for unparalleled design services that will enhance your home and outdoor space.

You relax in your new outdoor retreat and take in the beauty around you

Relish the splendor of your outdoor space to find peace and tranquility in your brand-new, expertly planned outdoor space.

Tap into your homes full potential

Since 2003, our team at Gardens of Babylon Landscapes have helped thousands of homeowners transform their outdoor living spaces with the help of our landscape maintenance team. Whether you’re looking for weekly, monthly or seasonal landscape maintenance, our teams are capable of it all and we do it all in a sustainable manner.
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