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Renew Your Connection with Nature

Enjoy your garden
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Eco-friendly and
sustainable gardening

Make Nashville a
greener place

Enjoy your garden and landscaping

Eco-friendly and sustainable gardening

Make Nashville a greener place

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Life is simply better when you’re inspired by your garden and landscaping.

Your in and outdoor spaces should be relaxing retreats to experience all nature has to offer.

Getting them designed and maintained can be a challenge.

Let’s turn your yard into a nature retreat

Landscape Design & Installation

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Landscape Design

Refresh your outdoor garden with innovative designs to elevate your yard to its full potential with landscaping that matches the mood and style of your home.
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Outdoor Lighting

Enhance your home with the elegance of a custom lighting system so you can enjoy your yard any time of day. Enjoy reliable lighting that adds beauty and security.
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Outdoor Audio

Add a soundscape to your backyard oasis with durable, modern speakers and high-quality sound to turn your backyard into a musical paradise.


Hydrate your lawn with smart watering systems that conserve resources and save you time and money—all from the convenience of an app on your phone.


Maximize your outside space, eliminate drainage issues, and create a stunning outdoor living space that highlights the natural beauty of your yard.
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Maximize your outside space, eliminate drainage issues, and create a stunning outdoor living space that highlights the natural beauty of your yard.
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Hydrate your lawn with smart watering systems that conserve resources and save you time and money—all from the convenience of an app on your phone.
Beautiful Outdoor Walkway
Stone Walkway
Home Landscaping

Eco-Friendly Landscape Maintenance

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For your home

Enjoy your home’s exterior. Maintain the beauty of your landscaping with dedicated experts who are as invested in your yard as you are.

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Commercial Properties

Running a business is hard enough as it is. We’ll attend to your commercial lawn and landscaping needs with care and diligence.

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Existing Irrigation

Don’t worry about your sprinkler system anymore. We’ll handle the maintenance and upkeep of your existing irrigation system.
Beautiful Home Landscaping
Gardens Of Babylon Staff

Nashville Garden Center

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Downtown Nashville

Wander through our wide assortment of unique, high-quality plants, get expert advice, and immerse yourself in the lush greenery.
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Local Delivery

Select the perfect plants to enhance your home indoors and out, then let us worry about getting them to your front door.
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Classes and Events

Release your inner green thumb, and join our Nashville community of fellow plant enthusiasts at our next workshop. (Note: classes and events are currently on hold)
Pottery For Plants
Hanging Plants
Family In Garden Center

Our mission: Renew your connection with nature.

Tanja Jurek
Tanja Jurek
If you live in Nashville, this is the go-to place for all of your houseplant needs! The quality can’t be beat. Elizabeth and Devin are so knowledgeable and kind - they helped me out a lot. The manager, Neil, is fantastic and helped me load plants into my car after wrapping them to make sure they transported well. Great experience, will be back!
Madelyn Mazurek
Madelyn Mazurek
Super stunning variety of plants with friendly and helpful service! The Gardens of Babylon are a must see even if you’re not looking to take any plants home. They have a massive variety, and everything is organized very nicely. My friend got some very nice string of pearls plants from here that are healthy and bug free AND very reasonably priced! Plus, the people who work here are knowledgeable about plants so feel free to ask any questions pre-purchase if you’re not sure how to take care of your desired plant 🙂
Jennifer Neal
Jennifer Neal
We could not be happier with the services provided by Gardens of Babylon. Eric Vangrinsven came up with a great plan for our backyard and helped us maximize what we were able to complete within our budget. Our backyard went from being the eyesore of our new house to being our favorite part. Disclaimer -- they did not do the sod.
Expensive, but it's nice. Lots of plants. And open qt convenient hours. They do have sales.
Erin Blatt
Erin Blatt
Working closely with Max at Gardens has been great. They are helping us with the landscaping in our front beds and I look forward to seeing the final product! UPDATE - Max and team just got done completing the design in our front beds and we could not be happier. The design turned out beautifully. Max extended the bed so that we can now see our flower bed from our front door, which will be fun during the spring & summer when we can see the plants and add some flowers. They got rid of all the monkey grass that was bordering our sidewalk and it looks SO much better. They added a beautiful red bud tree that we can see from one of our front windows and the beds look full and completely updated. We are very happy, it definitely made a huge difference. They got the job done quickly and we can’t wait to see how everything blossoms in the spring. Thank you Max and Gardens for taking care of us, your customer service has been top notch.
Walker Westbrook
Walker Westbrook
Great selection of houseplants and the staff is super friendly.
Danny Bonvissuto
Danny Bonvissuto
For years I've patronized Christmas tree lots where the people who work there couldn't explain the difference between the kinds of trees they offer, etc. I always wanted a better experience (especially for what the trees cost) but couldn't figure out where to get it. This year, I saw an Insta post from Gardens of Babylon about buying a Norfolk Island Pine instead of a Christmas tree and using it as a houseplant all year long. Intrigued, I called before I went and talked through my options with a very helpful young woman. Once I got to G of B, Trevor guided me through the process with an incredible amount of expertise and friendliness. Christmas trees (and houseplant-like Christmas trees) are the least of what Gardens of Babylon offers, and they will be my go-to for now on for every plant that enters my home. Can't say enough about Trevor, his knowledge, confidence and easy going manner. Incredibly positive experience with him.
Barbara Marie
Barbara Marie
I really enjoyed this place. It had a variety of plants and other garden items.

Love your yard again

Love your yard again

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Book a phone consultation with us about your landscaping and gardening needs

All Landscaping Projects start with a free 20-minute phone consultation with one of our experts.
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We create a landscape design and plan that matches your style and needs

Collaborate with our friendly team of expert designers, and get the garden you’ve always dreamed about.
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Enjoy a renewed connection with nature and help make Nashville greener

Relish the added beauty of your new landscaping with jaw-dropping designs and eco-friendly solutions.

Renew Your Connection with Nature

At Gardens of Babylon, we know to have a healthy and happy life, you need to incorporate nature into your living spaces.

The problem is that most people don’t know where to start when it comes to adding plants and landscaping to their in or outdoor spaces, leaving them feeling stuck and uninspired.

At Gardens of Babylon, we believe you should be connected to nature and draw life and strength from it. Over the last 20 years, we have helped thousands of customers across Tennessee turn their yards into beautiful retreats of inspiration. Our eco-friendly approach ensures you get nature’s full benefit – the way it’s intended.

Here is how you can love your yard again:
1.) Meet with one of our designers.
2.) We design a plan that matches your space and style.
3.) Enjoy a renewed connection with nature.

So book a consultation today!
In the meantime, visit our Garden Center in the heart of Nashville for more inspiration.

Stop feeling stuck in uninspired spaces. Instead, embrace the peace and energy of a revived yard by Gardens of Babylon.

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