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February Landscaping Tips

February Landscaping Tips

Spring is just around the corner and February is the perfect time to start planning your landscaping for the year! Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction! Except for maples, birches, willows and yellowwood, now is a good time to prune trees....

Raised Garden Bed Prep

Raised Garden Bed Prep

Start planning your garden, or let us do it for you! On days when the temperature struggles to get above freezing, it may feel like warmer weather is in some far-off future. Rest assured, though, that gardening days will return soon. Meanwhile, if you have an...

Project Spotlight: Great Architecture

Project Spotlight: Great Architecture

This client had been with us for four years and wanted to create a garden that was teeming with pollinators and had plenty of cutting flowers. With their existing modern, native grass-heavy landscape, they knew that our company—with its strong connection to building...

Boost Spring Results: 5 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Yard In Winter

Boost Spring Results: 5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Yard in Winter

Getting your yard ready for spring in the winter can be an intimidating task; however, with a little bit of planning and preparation, it can go a long way in ensuring that your yard is looking its best come spring. Here are five ways to rejuvenate your yard in winter...

Project Spotlight: Starting With A Blank Slate

Project Spotlight: Starting with a Blank Slate

  As any writer or artist knows, when you start with a blank page or a clean canvas, anything is possible. That’s also what happens with a landscape design that starts from scratch. The owners of this home in West Nashville had ideas for what they wanted, and...

8 Rare Beauties In The Greenhouse

8 Rare Beauties in the Greenhouse

You’re ambling through the greenhouse at Gardens of Babylon and something big and unusual catches your eye: it’s a tropical beauty, spreading its big leaves out over the table of smaller tropicals for sale, as if giving shelter to the clutch of little ones until...

Project Spotlight: Get The Most Out Of Your Yard’S Space

Project Spotlight: Get the most out of your yard’s space

One of the biggest challenges for homeowners can be figuring out how to get the most out of their yard to maximize its potential for fun and entertaining. They might have a dream design, but they aren’t sure how to incorporate it into their property’s exterior....

January Landscaping Tips

January Landscaping Tips

Here are some tips to keep your landscaping happy in January! And if you were affected by the BIG freeze this winter, be sure to read our message here about how to care for plants you believe may be damaged.   A dry winter day is a good time to mow the lawn and...

Bonsai Basics

Bonsai Basics

Caring for a Bonsai tree is not nearly as hard as is commonly thought. However, as Bonsai trees are planted in small pots a few basic guidelines have to be followed when watering, fertilizing and repotting your trees. Watering Bonsai trees Water your trees when the...

Gifts For Green Thumbs

Gifts for Green Thumbs

Gifts for Gardeners Gardens of Babylon continues to bring in new items that make perfect gifts for the gardeners and nature-lovers on your Christmas list. Check out these ideas for specialty gifts and everyday surprises: Gemstones: For collectors or for those who...

Poinsettias For The Holidays – And Beyond

Poinsettias for the Holidays – and Beyond

No matter how you feel about poinsettias – love, hate, indifference – you have to admit that they are an ever-present part of holiday décor. If you include these cheerful plants in your decorating plan, don’t you want them to look good as long as possible? Here’s how:...

Tips For Holiday Greenery

Tips for Holiday Greenery

For many who celebrate the Christmas holidays, there’s something special about bringing in a real tree to hang with twinkling lights, sparkling garlands and special ornaments. Once inside, though, that temporary houseguest needs attention to remain as healthy and last...