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January Landscaping Tips

January Landscaping Tips

Here are some tips to keep your landscaping happy in January! A dry winter day is a good time to mow the lawn and remove fallen leaves and pine needles. Inspect your yard for winter weeds and pull or spray. Plant hardy evergreens, shrubs, and fruit and shade trees....

Care For Your Christmas Cactus

Care For Your Christmas Cactus

  Among the wide array of blooming houseplants, the Christmas cactus is one that stands out as weirdly exotic, with its spiny, fleshy foliage and dozens of delicate blooms that appear at the tips of the segmented stems once every year. If you’ve had any variety...

Poinsettias For The Holidays – And Beyond

Poinsettias for the Holidays – and Beyond

No matter how you feel about poinsettias – love, hate, indifference – you have to admit that they are an ever-present part of holiday décor. If you include these cheerful plants in your decorating plan, don’t you want them to look good as long as possible? Here’s how:...

Gifts For Green Thumbs

Gifts for Green Thumbs

Gifts for gardeners Gardens of Babylon continues to bring in new items that make perfect gifts for the gardeners and nature-lovers on your Christmas list. Check out these ideas for specialty gifts and everyday surprises: Gemstones: For collectors or for those who...

Best Wishes In 2022 – What’s On Your Landscape Wish List?

Best Wishes in 2022 – What’s on your landscape Wish List?

Take a look at your home’s landscape and how it has served you across the seasons. What do you wish you’d done differently in 2021? How would you change it? What could you add? Can you do it in 2022? *I wish I had a patio where we would get together with friends…With...

Green Weekend 2021

Green Weekend 2021

11.26 - 15% OFF Houseplants + First 100 customers receive 2" poinsettia. Plants are more than the sum of their leaves, stems, fronds, and roots. The simplicity, steady growth, and care you put in to your plants endear themselves to whomever they are given. Plants make...

Get Your Plants Through The Cold With Our Best Winter Houseplant Tips

Get Your Plants Through the Cold With Our Best Winter Houseplant Tips

-------------------------------------------------------------- It’s still more than a month before winter officially sets in, but your houseplants are already feeling the change. With fewer hours of daylight and cooler temperatures, even the plants inside your home...

Five Landscaping Projects For Fall

Five Landscaping Projects for Fall

Summer’s over, and the winter holidays are approaching. It’s time to begin thinking about spring. True, there’s much less to do in the garden beds around your home. But it’s a good time to plan for next year while this year’s landscape and garden are still on your...

Pets + Plants: What’s Safe? What’s Not?

Pets + plants: What’s safe? What’s not?

As fall arrives, you may turn your attention to growing plants indoors. If you share your space with curious cats or a pup that likes to chew on everything, keep in mind that some houseplants pose a risk. Toxicity in some plants can cause a variety of ailments,...

Staff Plant Picks: Here’s What We Like

Staff Plant Picks: Here’s What We Like

-------------------------------------------------------- We plant people have a hard time picking favorites. Nevertheless, there’s always something that stands out in our ever-expanding collections of houseplants and landscape selections. We polled the staff at...

Outdoor Kitchen Brings Families And Friends Together!

Outdoor kitchen brings families and friends together!

You know how it is when you have a few friends over for an informal brunch, lunch or dinner: everyone gathers in the kitchen. That’s where the group can be together, chatting, enjoying drinks and appetizers, while the cook is putting the final touches on the meal....

Fall Containers For Front Porch Color

Fall Containers for Front Porch Color

------------------ For spring, I decided to forgo the usual porch geraniums and go for something a little more interesting: a mixed container planting that would change as it grew, providing a more interesting look for our front steps. The container would be in...