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3 Things You Need To Know About Growing Roses

3 Things You Need To Know About Growing Roses

At Christmas a few years ago, we bought a rose bush to commemorate a special family member who had died that year. It’s a variety called ‘Sunshine Daydream,’ and each mid-spring it fills an area beside our backyard deck with beautiful yellow blooms that do, in fact,...

Perennials For Shady Spaces

Perennials for Shady Spaces

A gardener whose landscape spaces are overshadowed by mature trees may have mixed feelings about this: there’s plenty of shade to relax in on a hot July day, Right? But just try to grow a rosebush – or any of those much-loved perennials that need abundant sunshine --...

May Landscaping Tips

May Landscaping Tips

May is here!  You know what that means - the temps are coming up, grass is greening up, of course those weeds are coming up. Here are a few tips for keeping your lawn in shape this May! Change the direction or pattern each time you mow your lawn. Different mowing...

Project Spotlight: Embellishing The ‘Bones’

Project Spotlight: Embellishing the ‘Bones’

When a landscape has good “bones” -- the word designers sometimes use to describe the design of the hardscape and established trees and shrubs – the homeowner can enjoy the scenery with its variety of perennial and annual embellishments as it evolves and changes...

Get Your Houseplants Ready For Spring!

Get Your Houseplants Ready for Spring!

There are 2 key parts to prepping you plants for spring: fertilization and acclimating plants to the outdoors. Fertilization Start fertilizing houseplants about 8 weeks before the last expected spring frost. Here in Nashville, that’s mid-late April. The first few...

Project Spotlight: Turning A Problem Into A Feature

Project Spotlight: Turning a Problem into a Feature

  With an acre or more of land, there was plenty of space in the backyard of this Williamson County home, and the homeowners had hoped to be able to entertain family and friends there. The problem was, most of the backyard was inaccessible. We talked with Gardens...

Earth Week & Time To Plant Your Summer Garden

Earth Week & Time to Plant Your Summer Garden

  Gardeners who like to grow their own food have been waiting for this: the time we are sure that spring is surely here, and there’s no danger of a late frost. We can finally – finally! – get those warm-season veggies in the ground.  And as Earth Week rolls along...

Spring Color For Your Doorstep

Spring Color for Your Doorstep

Every spring, I’ve been putting the same tired geraniums on the porch near the front door. This year I decided I needed something different – I mean, don’t we all? – and I’ve chosen to go all-in on a mixed container planting to bring a shot of color to the doorstep....

April Landscaping Tips

April Landscaping Tips

Spring has officially sprung! What's the next step for your landscaping? For many gardeners, April is the start of the gardening season. Check out these easy tips to get your yard in shape: Reseed the damaged or bare areas of the lawn. Mow established cool-season turf...

Natural Lawn And Soil Program

Natural Lawn and Soil Program

  A lush, green lawn is a thing of beauty, but that beauty often comes with a cost: When it takes repeated application of chemicals to keep it green and growing, the soil – and the environment in general – suffers.  Sustainable lawn care solutions are not out of...

Project Spotlight: Challenges + Solutions = Best Landscape Design

Project Spotlight: Challenges + Solutions = Best Landscape Design

  It’s not unusual for a landscape update to begin with a list of challenges to work around. That was the case in creating a landscape plan for this home in Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood. We asked Gardens of Babylon’s Matt Kerske to give details on the...

Recipe For Houseplant Health: It’s In The Mix

Recipe for Houseplant Health: It’s In the Mix

  A garden specialist once passed on this bit of wisdom: “The best thing you can do is put a fifty-cent plant in a five-dollar hole.” He didn’t mean that literally, of course, but the lesson was clear: For optimal houseplant health, make sure you pay attention to...