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Add the perfect ambiance.

Outdoor lighting for your home and garden.

Low operating costs
save money on your power bill

Functional lighting adds
extra security at night


Enjoy your outdoor space anytime.
Even in the evening.

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Present your home in the best light possible.

There are lots of options on the market for outdoor home and garden lighting.
The problem is that a lot of products can be unreliable, dim, or complicated.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Anytime

Orchestrating the perfect landscaping plan ensures magical spaces both day & night.
We understand that lighting adds the right ambiance to your home and provides an extra layer of security at night.


Low operating costs

Our outdoor lighting systems aren’t just designed to be beautiful—they’re efficient too. Keep costs down with energy-friendly, long-lasting lighting solutions.

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Added security

Protect your home and those you love most with the added safety of an illuminated yard. Safeguard your home against external threats with a safety-oriented design.

Nashville Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy your space anytime

Accentuate your home and garden’s most beloved features with striking lighting solutions that make your yard feel warm and welcoming whether it’s day or night.

Outdoor Lighting
Home Lighting
Outdoor Lighting

Add Sparkle to Your Outdoor Space

1 Call

Book a free 48-hour outdoor lighting demo at your home

Test out our lighting systems for yourself, and see what a difference they can make in the overall look of your yard.

2 Lightplan

We design a lighting system that fits your needs and install it for you

Get custom solutions to outfit your yard with lighting that amplifies your home and garden’s existing beauty.

3 Light

See your home and garden in a whole new light

Experience for yourself how transformational lighting can be for your home, garden and outdoor living spaces.

Don’t remain in the dark.
Enjoy your outdoor space anytime. Even in the evening.

At Gardens of Babylon, we know you want to be an inspired and confident homeowner. You understand that the right outdoor lighting can add the perfect ambiance to your home and expand your usable space during the evening.

The problem is that a lot of lighting systems can be complicated and unreliable, leaving you unsure and confused about your options. We believe nothing should stand in the way of you enjoying your outdoor space at any time – even in the evening.

We understand that you want to present your home in the best light possible, and you value the extra security light can provide at night.
That’s why we install only high quality, efficient, and durable lighting systems that meet all local ordinances and give you the confidence and pride of homeownership you deserve.

Here is how to add more sparkle to your outdoor space:
1.) Book a consultation and we will provide a free 48-hour demo at your home
2.) Let’s design your system and professionally install it
3.) See your home in a whole new light

All of our lighting products are built to last and come with an extended warranty for added peace of mind.
Don’t remain in the dark. Instead, enjoy the added security and space that comes with high efficiency and durable outdoor lighting by Gardens of Babylon.

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