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Maintain lush and beautiful landscaping.
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Irrigation & sprinkler installation & maintenance

Save money and resources
through our smart watering technology

Enjoy a hands off approach
with monitoring and problem detection

Protect your investment by
working with knowledgable experts

Sprinkler Watering The Grass

Irrigation & Sprinkler Experts

Gardens of Babylon Landscapes specializes in irrigation and sprinkler system design, installation, and maintenance. Our irrigation designs will help you to reduce water waste by creating zones that provide the appropriate amounts of water to each area. Our qualified team can install smart technology, then design proper water schedules that allow your plants and landscape to flourish without having to think about them.

Our Irrigation Services Include:

  • Installation of new systems
  • Additions to existing systems
  • Seasonal adjustments, inspections & repairs
  • Backflow testing
  • Winterization & Spring startup of systems

12-Month Plant Warranties: Customers who sign up for our Annual Irrigation Management Services enjoy a 12-month full warranty on any plantings included on our designer plant list and installed by our company.

Professionally Monitored for Irrigation Efficiency: We monitor your whole irrigation system to detect problems before they become major issues to eliminate risk and protect your investment. With our irrigation maintenance packages and issue-tracking software, you can relax knowing your irrigation system will be well-cared for with fixed-pricing for repairs, irrigation adjustments and seasonal line clearing.

Save with Water Wise Management: Our smart watering systems are equipped with a watering schedule that uses information about environmental conditions to ensure your plants get the optimum amount of water. The systems are also Wi-Fi enabled that allow you to control and monitor your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world using your web browser or app.

For homeowners who have an existing irrigation system and are looking to save money, we perform irrigation management services with efficiency in mind by offering annual system inspections and recommendations to ensure this utility is maximized efficiently.

Let us give you a beautiful low-stress landscape and irrigation system. Contact Gardens of Babylon Landscapes to get started on your irrigation design today.

Sprinkler Maintenance
Sprinkler Watering The Garden
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What our customers are saying

We love hearing stories on how we were able to renew our clients’ connection with nature.

Quotation Mark

“Just a shout out to Oscar for all his amazing work and attention to our irrigation woes. He is truly an ‘irrigation whisperer,’ and he has saved our yard and sanity on many occasions. Make sure he gets a gold star y’all!!”

The Dalby’s

Design and installation provided by Gardens of Babylon

Quotation Mark

“All of my irrigation problems are fixed, the team was wonderful. They did a great job and was very polite. Thanks!”

Mark A.

Design and installation provided by Gardens of Babylon

Quotation Mark

“Gardens of Babylon, the irrigation team they send out knows what they are doing and are really kind.”

Pat B.

Design and installation provided by Gardens of Babylon

Let’s create the yard of your dreams

Gardens of Babylon Landscapes is one of the premier landscape design companies in Tennessee. Experienced and reliable, we’ve been serving middle Tennessee for more than two decades. Today, we’re eager to assist property owners in the design and construction of their dream landscape.

Our team is experienced and skilled – they understand the ins and outs of irrigation and sprinkler maintenance.

To learn more about our irrigation and sprinkler maintenance programs or to find out how we can help you, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

1 Plan

We'll collaborate and create a landscape design you'll love

Work with our landscape designers to develop a customized design that combines your personal style and budget and enhances your whole lawn and garden.

2 Crew

Our installation experts install your landscaping with no hidden costs or surprises

Pay exactly what you expect to pay for unparalleled installation of top-notch perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs—and skip the step of planting it yourself.

You relax in your new outdoor retreat and take in the beauty around you

Relish the splendor of your new landscaping, and find peace and tranquility in your brand-new, expertly planted and professionally designed landscaping.

Tap into your home’s full potential

Since 2003, our team at Gardens of Babylon Landscapes has helped thousands of clients transform their landscapes into beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a retaining wall, paved patios, outdoor kitchens, pollinator garden, fireplace, or even a bocce court – there is no limit on what we can help you dream up. 

When looking to be water-wise with your landscape’s irrigation, look no further than Gardens of Babylon Landscapes!

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Retaining Wall
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