Project Spotlight: A Dreamy Shipping Container Pool

Shipping container pools are an easy and cost-effective way to create a unique and stylish swimming pool. They are quick to install and can be customized with different features and finishes. Plus, they’re also resistant to rot, rust, and other weather elements, making them an ideal choice for outdoor swimming. And that is exactly what this client went for – a Modpool Shipping Container pool! We reached out to the designer, Mike Omar, for his input on the pitfalls and highlights of this project.

The Biggest Challenge in the Project

A transplant from Brooklyn, this client wanted a pool in the backyard, but the prospect of going through the long process of digging one was daunting. So Mike proposed a creative solution: a shipping container pool. The client’s backyard was particularly challenging, as it was sloped and solid rock – meaning every inch of the pool had to be carved out of the rock. It was a laborious process, but the end result was worth it.


Mike was restricted in what he could do for the client’s desired outdoor space due to the solid rock basin. In order to create a creative solution, he thought of Modpools. He contacted them and their team arrived with a crane to set the pool in its foundation. After connecting it to the gas, the pool was ready for use in only three days.

Finding a Solution

Mike sought to create a seamless connection between the house and backyard by constructing a 500-square-foot patio off the back of the house. This patio allowed his clients to sit and enjoy the view of their new backyard, complete with an aquarium-like pool, while merging their existing landscape with the newly-installed shipping container pool. In addition, Mike constructed a stunning composite deck above the pool, which provides the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun with its accompanying lawn furniture, plants, and plenty of amusement.

Wide Shot Of Pool Patio Deck Steps

Deck Plants

The Designer’s Favorite Element

Mike’s favorite part of the backyard makeover has to be the custom pool – and it’s easy to see why. It’s the perfect spot to beat the heat in Nashville and it’s like no other pool out there. Can you blame him for loving it?

Pool 2

Want to watch the full video showcasing the final results?

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