5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season for Planting

Planting in fall

Written by Leah Mattix

September 1, 2022

Dormancy Not Death!

 As one of Nashville’s top landscaping companies, our professional horticulturists know that plants in Nashville experience dormancy during cold weather—not death! Therefore, planting a perennial bed in your landscape in fall means that your plants will have a healthy environment to establish before they go dormant in winter.

Cooler temperatures means more soil moisture

The heat of summer creates a constant cycle of water evaporation, and can cause a lot of unnecessary plant stress. That’s why planting in the fall is the optimum time to plant. Watering plants in the spring and summer can be a tedious task, but in fall, landscapes in Nashville retain more moisture than they do in the sweltering summer sun.

Fall Landscaping Discounts!

We know landscaping services can be an investment, so that’s why we want our clients to take advantage of the fall landscaping discounts we offer throughout the fall and winter seasons. After the spring and summer landscaping rush in Nashville, fall begins to quiet down. We offer discounts in fall for many of our new and existing clientele and especially around the holidays. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our seasonal promotions.

Planting in Fall Gives Spring a Jump-Start

No better time than fall to get those roots established before spring. Planting in fall when the soil is still warm from summer allows roots to establish and build a better chance of success for next year’s drought and heat.

Earlier Spring Flowers Means More Pollinators!

Planting in the fall means earlier flowers that serve as vital food sources for crucial pollinators, and our landscape company values the power of beneficial insects and how crucial they are to our natural ecology. Starting pollinator plants in the fall ensures success for butterflies and bees in March and April.

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