Irrigation: Go for Green this Summer!

June 24, 2024

With the summer Olympics just around the corner, we might be thinking about gold more often than usual. But, when it comes to your yard, you want it to be anything but a golden hue this summer. Dry grass, dying plants and malnourished gardens are not ideal. We’re going for the green this summer with irrigation!

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Not only is irrigation good for keeping a yard looking and feeling lush, it’s also a common agricultural practice that’s been used for centuries. The earliest forms started with people carrying buckets of water from wells, rivers or other water sources. Then came canals and aqueducts. And now we have modern sprinkler systems and other irrigation forms.

While the Nashville area is humid, especially in the spring and summer months, that doesn’t always equal precipitation. If you’ve lived in the southeastern U.S. at any point during the summer, then you know it can be unbelievably hot and prone to dry landscapes. 

Irrigation can be the solution to protecting your yard and your plants (and also local wildlife and insects!). When your landscape is full, bright and blooming, you can enjoy it visually. Wildlife can also benefit from it as shelter and food sources, which can be hard to come by in the heat of summer.

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Spring Color For Your Doorstep

Even something as simple as hooking up a sprinkler to a hose can make a difference in a dry yard or garden. Not to mention, this can also be a great way to get the kids in your life involved in outdoor spaces. You can turn watering the yard, plants or garden into work and playtime as kids also have fun running through sprinklers.

However, not all irrigation systems are equal. While standard sprinkles are ok for some situations, most flowering plants prefer drip irrigation. You may have seen drip irrigation systems while browsing a greenhouse, especially if you were browsing ferns earlier this spring. Drip irrigation saves flowering plants’ delicate blooms and stems from being battered by overhead water, and directly waters the soil around their roots. Not only is this better for your flowers, it also saves money by wasting less water.

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Integrated sprinkler and irrigation systems can be even more effective for your yard, as they are adjusted based on different areas. Some spots have more shade or more slope, and don’t need as much water as more exposed areas. These systems also help reduce water waste for this same reason.

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You can now take even more hassle out of caring for your yard. Many sprinkler systems now have smart capabilities. This smart technology allows you to design proper water schedules. Your plants and landscape will flourish without you having to think about them. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your yard getting watered properly while you’re enjoying your summer vacation.

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Additional Tips for Successful Watering

  • Hand Watering: In areas not covered by an irrigation system, hand watering is essential. This is especially important during the first 90 days after planting your new additions.
  • Consistent Monitoring: Keep an eye on your irrigation system to make sure it’s functioning correctly and delivering adequate water to all areas of your landscape. Even smart irrigation systems need regular monitoring and maintenance to make sure they run properly. (Not sure how to maintain your system? Gardens of Babylon provides installation and maintenance services!)
  • Winter Considerations: We’re in the thick of summer, so winter is probably the last thing on your mind. However, you can prepare for the lifelong success of your yard, garden and plants anytime of year. Protect your plants from harsh winter conditions by ensuring they are well-watered before the first freeze. Also check your irrigation system before closing it up for winter, so it’ll be ready to go next spring.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure your new plants establish strong roots and grow to be healthy and robust – and that your green spaces are successful all year long!

At Gardens of Babylon, we’re committed to connecting you with nature and providing the best care for your landscape. Are you looking to set up your landscape for success with an irrigation system? We provide irrigation system installation and maintenance, so you’ll never have to wonder if your yard is getting the care it needs. Schedule an appointment with our irrigation experts today, and enjoy the lush landscape of your dreams. Happy gardening!

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