January Landscaping Tips

Tree pruning

Written by Emily Vogler

January 4, 2023

Here are some tips to keep your landscaping happy in January! And if you were affected by the cold this winter, be sure to read our message here about how to care for plants you believe may be damaged.

January Landscaping Tips

As winter blankets our landscapes, the importance of strategic care becomes paramount. Explore our curated January Landscaping Tips, meticulously crafted by our seasoned plant experts, to navigate this dormant season precisely. From refined mowing practices to expert insights on tree planting, embark on a journey to elevate your garden to a realm of botanical excellence. Let the dormant months be a canvas for professional yet nurturing horticultural practices. Your garden deserves nothing less than the expertise encapsulated in this guide

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  • Mowing and Debris Removal
    • Embrace dry winter days for gentle lawn maintenance, including mowing and removal of fallen leaves and pine needles. This not only enhances the lawn’s aesthetics but promotes better air circulation and sunlight absorption.
  • Winter Weed Inspection and Mulching
    • Conduct a meticulous inspection for winter weeds, proactively removing intruders. Apply a generous layer of mulch to disrupt the weed seed germination cycle, setting the stage for a weed-free spring and enhancing the garden’s overall appearance.
  • Introduction of Evergreens and Trees
    • Optimize winter’s dormancy by introducing hardy evergreens, shrubs, and fruit or shade trees to your landscape. Planting during this period provides a head start for these additions, allowing them to establish a robust root system before spring growth.
  • Transplanting Established Trees and Shrubs
    • For horticultural enthusiasts, winter provides an ideal climate for transplanting established trees and shrubs. Ensure the ground isn’t frozen or overly saturated for a seamless relocation of mature specimens, capitalizing on their temporary dormancy.
  • Strategic Pruning
    • Winter pruning becomes an art form, requiring finesse and purpose. Avoid “topping” and adopt a strategic approach to eliminate stubs. Corrective pruning and shaping are particularly beneficial for overgrown shrubs during dormancy, promoting healthier responses.
  • Maintenance of Tools and Power Equipment
    • In the spirit of preparedness, maintain gardening tools by cleaning, sharpening, and repairing them. Schedule servicing for power equipment such as mowers, edgers, and trimmers to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Continued Mulching for Lawn Health
    • As leaves gracefully fall, continue mulching to keep the lawn free from debris. This isn’t just cosmetic but a strategic move to reduce disease and insect problems, fostering an environment where potential threats find fewer footholds.
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January Landscaping Tips

If you’re ready to start checking off your 2024 To-dos, Gardens of Babylon Landscapes is here to help! Whether you are interested in beginning a new landscape project or adding to an existing one in 2023, January is a great time to start planning the landscape of your dreams! To get started, schedule a call with one of our talented design team members.

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