New York Times Feature – Houseplant Craze

Written by Emily Vogler

January 1, 2020

The Annual International Aroid Society Show is not a place to mess around – this event is filled with hard core plantaholics. Featured in an article from the New York Times, GOB Creative Director Trevor comments on the houseplant boom and the effects of social media on the plant game:

“Instagram has spawned a lot of people who are influencing people’s buying decisions on plants, so those plants become more scarce, and all of a sudden everyone needs one, then five, then 10, then a hundred,” said Trevor Bradshaw, 31, who works at a garden center in Nashville. “It’s crazy that you can convince someone to buy a living thing, like it’s a luxury item.” (Mr. Bradshaw said that he recently apprehended someone stealing variegated monstera cuttings from his store after they posted about the theft on Instagram.)”

We’ve seen a huge flux of new customers enjoying houseplants – more than ever!  Several years ago, the Aroid Society, like some of its rarest specimens, appeared to be dwindling. The hobby had an arcane, almost Victorian dustiness to it, akin to collecting stamps or coins. “But in the past two or three years, said Alex Bello, 33, the president of the International Aroid Society and the chairman of the event, attendance has spiked from around 500 people in a weekend to a few thousand. “It has been exorbitant, the amount of people we’ve been getting,” he said. “We’ve been pummeled.” – the article mentions.

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