Project Spotlight: Great Architecture

This client had been with us for four years and wanted to create a garden that was teeming with pollinators and had plenty of cutting flowers. With their existing modern, native grassheavy landscape, they knew that our companywith its strong connection to building beautiful gardens and its passionate gardenerswas just the one to do the job. We had a lot of fun adding to the existing architectural elements in their landscaping, and included edibles such as blueberries, fig trees, and raised beds that provided practicality in a unique way. You can watch a full recap of this property on our Youtube channel!

Screenshot 2023 01 05 124809

The client‘s perennial pollinator garden in the front yard is one of my favorite features. It has been an ongoing project year after year, with new additions of indigenous perennials such as coneflower, bee balm, and butterfly bushes. It has been a pleasure to have the client participate in the process, and to work together to create the perfect outdoor space they have always dreamed of.

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The backyard of this home is a verdant paradise, boasting lush evergreen magnolias, hollies and viburnum that line the pool and courtyard area providing plenty of summertime blooms, as well as privacy. In addition to these plants, there are many old growth trees that make up the landscape, but the crowning jewel is the evergreen clematis, which is absolutely stunning!

Screenshot 2023 01 05 124956

We see this property once a week for maintenance and mowing, which helps keep the landscaping looking its absolute best. Since the property had serious drainage issues like a dramatic slope and standing water, it took a comprehensive drainage remediation plan and over a year of aeration and overseeding to rebuild their lawn to the plush grass you see here!

Screenshot 2023 01 05 124837

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