Project Spotlight: Small Footprint, Big Impact


Sometimes a homeowner gives a landscape designer a small canvas and directs them to fill it to its best potential. Other times, the homeowner/gardener has a specific request – an idea, a look, a few must-have features — and calls on a designer to bring it to reality.

That was the request of this homeowner in East Nashville. They had visions of all primary colors surrounding the house, especially with lush growth and dimension. Over the course of several years, they worked closely with Gardens of Babylon designers Chloe Barrett & Phil Heimer to achieve the look. The designers give the details on how the landscape developed:

Front Lawn

What did the homeowners want?

“This homeowner requested the landscape to be filled with plants of all primary colors, with lots of blooms and dimension. They wanted to beef up their small backyard space as well!”, Barrett says. With a smaller plot of land, and much of it receiving full sun, there would be plenty of options for fulfilling that request.

Patio With A Chair

What was the biggest challenge?

“The biggest challenge was easily creating a full but tidy feel in a small footprint.” Small spaces can still be beautiful and inviting with the right landscaping. Pops of color from flowers and other plants can brighten up any space, no matter how small. With a little bit of planning, any small space can be turned into a beautiful and serene oasis. “Another challenge was overcoming the shaded areas that didn’t have proper drainage, but ultimately we came up with a solution,” says Heimer.

Garden Pathway

What is the best feature?

“Hands down the best feature of the site is the seasonal perennial blooms and annual color. Also, the back courtyard really adds a nice touch and ties together the whole property. She also has the sweetest dog,” says Chloe. Another plus from both designers said “this client was and is really lovely to work with, and truly a delightful client.”

Grass And Flowers


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