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Orchid Essential Kit

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Brand: We The Wild

Introducing We The Wild's Organic Orchid Essentials - the perfect solution to transform your orchids into thriving, vibrant beauties! Our carefully reformulated products are designed to nurture and protect your precious orchids, ensuring they bloom with unmatched radiance.

Bloom Concentrate for Orchids (5.1 oz) Give your orchids the gift of longevity and beauty with our Bloom Concentrate. This specially crafted formula extends the life and enhances the frequency of your orchid's blooms. Experience the joy of seeing your orchids flourish with lush and vibrant flowers, as this unique concentrate provides the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

Protect Spray for Orchids (8.5 oz) We understand that orchids can face their fair share of stress. That's why we've developed our sweet-smelling Protect Spray for Orchids. Enriched with carefully selected ingredients, it's the ultimate defense against the factors that cause orchids to struggle. Shield your orchids from environmental stressors and ensure they continue to bloom in all their glory.

With We The Wild's Organic Orchid Essentials, you'll receive both of these incredible products in a convenient package:

Package Includes

  • 5.1 oz bottle of Bloom for Orchids
  • 8.5 oz bottle of Protect for Orchids

Give your orchids the care they deserve and watch them thrive like never before. We The Wild's Organic Orchid Essentials are the secret to orchid success.

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