Xeriscaping For the Win – Include Drought Tolerant Plants In Your Landscaping

If you live in an area that is prone to drought, you know how important it is to have drought tolerant plants in your landscape. Especially if you live here in Tennessee. We’ve got a few ideas for drought-tolerant plants that are able to withstand long periods of time without water and still remain healthy. This also brings up the subject of xeriscaping – the practice of landscaping or gardening in a way that requires little to no irrigation. This can be accomplished by selecting plants that are native to or tolerant of the local climate and soil conditions, and by using mulch, rock, and other groundcover to retain moisture.

One of the primary advantages of xeriscaping is its ability to conserve water. By using drought-tolerant plants, minimizing turf areas, and implementing efficient irrigation systems, xeriscaping reduces water consumption significantly. This is especially important in arid regions or areas prone to drought, where water resources are limited. Xeriscaping emphasizes the use of organic mulches, which help improve soil health over time. Mulching conserves moisture, reduces weed growth, and moderates soil temperature. As the organic mulch breaks down, it enriches the soil with nutrients, enhances its structure, and promotes beneficial microbial activity.

Contrary to the misconception that xeriscaping means a barren or desert-like yard, a well-designed xeriscape can be visually appealing and diverse. By selecting a variety of drought-tolerant plants with different colors, textures, and heights, xeriscaping can create an attractive landscape that complements the surrounding environment. There are a variety of beautiful drought tolerant plants that you can choose from, so read on to can find the perfect ones for your landscape. Some of the most popular drought tolerant plants include:

Succulent Blossoming

Succulent blossoming


Succulents are a great choice for drought tolerant landscaping because they are able to store water in their leaves and stems. This means that they can go for long periods of time without water and still remain healthy. Examples include Hens & Chicks, Ice Plants, and Agave.

Cacti Plant

Cacti plant


Cacti are another great choice for drought tolerant landscaping because they have a shallow root system that doesn‘t require a lot of water. Examples include Prickly Pear, Barrel Cactus, and Opuntia.

Sedun Flower

Sedun flower


Sedums are also a great choice for drought tolerant landscaping because they have thick, fleshy leaves that store water. There are a lot of examples of Sedums that are drought tolerant, but popular varieties include ground cover Sedum and trailing Sedum.

Lantana Plant With Flowers

Lantana plant with flowers


Lantanas are abundant bloomers that absolutely thrive in the summer heat. They’ll produce flowers all season long, and are fantastic to grow in containers.

Red Poppie Flowers

Red Poppie flowers


Poppies grow best in full sun, and don’t mind if the soil they grow in is a little less than perfect. Their eye-catching array of colors is sure to provide plenty of curb appeal in a dry summer yard!

Drought Tolerant Plant For Xeriscaping

drought tolerant plant for xeriscaping


Purple Coneflower is a beautiful perennial plant that is drought tolerant and native to Tennessee. It features vibrant purple flowers and thrives in full sun to partial shade. It is well-adapted to hot and dry conditions and requires little watering once established.

Eastern Redcedar

Eastern Redcedar

Eastern Redcedar

The Eastern Redcedar is a hardy evergreen tree that can tolerate drought conditions well. It is native to Tennessee and can grow in various soil types. Once established, it requires minimal watering and can withstand dry periods.

Blue Star Blossom

Blue Star blossom

Blue Star

Blue Star is a native perennial plant that is known for its delicate blue flowers and feathery green foliage. It is highly drought tolerant and thrives in well-drained soil. Blue Star can withstand hot and dry conditions, making it an excellent choice for Tennessee gardens.


When choosing drought tolerant plants for your landscape, it is important to choose ones that are native to your area. This is because they will be better adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. It is also important to choose plants that are appropriate for the amount of sun and shade in your landscape. This will ensure that they get the proper amount of sunlight and water to stay healthy. If you are looking for drought tolerant plants for your landscape, stop on into the garden center – we’re stocked on all kinds of drought-tolerant plants that will thrive in your landscaping.  Our staff can help you choose the perfect plants for your area! Or, to start a drought-tolerant xeriscape design, schedule a phone consultation!

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