April Landscaping Tips

Tulips in field

Written by Emily Vogler

April 1, 2022

Spring has officially sprung! What’s the next step for your landscaping? For many gardeners, April is the start of the gardening season. Check out these easy tips to get your yard in shape:

  • Reseed the damaged or bare areas of the lawn.
  • Mow established cool-season turf grasses weekly or as needed; raise mower height to three to four inches.
  • Apply a post-emergent fertilizer to the grass to target any weeds that have popped up such as dandelions and chick weed. If you’re applying a granular fertilizer, the lawn needs to be wet, such as early in the morning when the dew is still on the grass.
  • Replace or refresh mulch around plants.
  • Prune spring blooming shrubs and vines after they finish flowering. Allow foliage on spring bulbs to die back and dry before removing, so it can store food for next year.
  • Plant ground covers and warm-season annuals and perennials as soil temperatures warm and the danger of frost has passed.
  • Check roses, ornamentals and vegetables for powdery mildew, prevalent in mild, moist spring weather.
  • Check new growth on ornamental plants weekly for aphids and scale insects and treat, if necessary.
  • Water all your plants when they’re dry, but be particularly diligent with new plantings that can quickly dry out in our persistent spring winds.
  • Start up and test your irrigation system.

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