Irrigation: The Secret to a Lush Landscape & Lawn

Written by Emily Vogler

April 4, 2023

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A landscape needs three things to thrive: ample sunlight, fertile soil, and sufficient water to keep turfgrass and garden plants alive. For many homeowners, the water is the hardest thing to manage. Hauling hoses and sprinklers around the yard and garden beds is a chore, especially in oppressive mid-summer heat.

“The biggest advantage, if you have a system set up correctly and a good watering schedule, is that the system is taking care of watering needs for you,” says Tim Nebel, Garden of Babylon’s irrigation manager. It also helps save money, he says, when systems can be programmed to provide water as needed, and adjusted to meet different needs throughout the seasons.

After a disappointing experience with a prior provider, the homeowners requested that we take on their irrigation maintenance in 2019:


How did we help?

Our designer had been collaborating with them on a fencing installation featuringLittle Gem Magnolias, two singletrunkNatchez Crape Myrtles to create a shaded canopy above a flagstone walkway, and a River Birch tree near the driveway.



Since the trees were positioned throughout the lawn–as opposed to being planted in a grouping within a garden bed–the challenge was to ensure that both trees and lawn would receive adequate moisture season to season. In this case, high-efficiency MP rotator nozzles were used in lieu of standard rotor heads. The spray pattern of an MP rotator provided superior coverage for the trees than a rotor could have, while still being an appropriate choice to evenly water the grass. The rotors are set to run for a longer period of time, while other nozzles with different spraying functions are also used.


Setting an irrigation schedule–particularly for a landscape with unique plantings and custom contours–is never a one-and-done task. Monitoring the performance of the system as the weather fluctuates over the year is key. To address this situation, the homeowners elected our gold irrigation maintenance package which includes four yearly services: a spring startup, two seasonal adjustments & inspections, and one winterization. The seasonal adjustment/inspections gave us an opportunity to gather information over time, and develop a schedule particular to their yard.

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