August Landscaping Tips

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Written by Emily Vogler

August 1, 2023

It’s hard to think July is almost over and August is already here! August is the month that summer starts coming to an end and this is the time you really need to take advantage of your landscaping to keep it looking beautiful. This is mainly a maintenance month, making sure your landscape is properly watered and weed free. Here are some tips to ensure your landscape stays in tip top shape:

  • If your grass is dry, do not mow until you have watered or until it rains.
  • Prune dead or broken branches of trees and shrubs but avoid major pruning until the dormant season.
  • Watch susceptible ornamental plants for iron deficiency (yellowed leaves with darker green veins), aggravated by the hot dry weather, and treat with chelated iron if needed. Drench plants and avoid contact with hard surfaces that will stain.
  • Plant fall flowering perennials such as asters and chrysanthemums.

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    Please do an article on Container Garden tips! Also, with fall approaching is there a veggie good for Container gardens? Thanks

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    Yayy! Nice post. Thanks for your article. Hoping for your next article

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    August is a great time to get some landscaping work done. The weather is still warm but not too hot, and there is plenty of sunlight.


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