Project Spotlight: A Big Yard in Need of a Big Update

Occasionally, a homeowner with a big yard presents a landscape designer with an existing canvas and envisions its full potential through a revitalizing transformation. The property might boast a well-rooted landscape that needs to be updated! In this case, the homeowner collaborated closely with Gardens of Babylon, partnering with our skilled designer, Max, to realize this vision. Soak in these awesome before-and-afters as Max sheds light on the what went into its evolution:

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What did the homeowners want?

The homeowners were in search of a revitalization for their mature yet overlooked landscape, characterized by rampant overgrowth and plant casualties resulting from the harsh winter freeze of 2022. “Some of their existing landscaping was totally wiped out from the harsh winter temperatures. Just lots of loss – especially on evergreens. We came in and replaced it all,” Max recounts. Max’s objective was centered around modernizing the 20-year-old landscaping, with a focus on rectifying problems of overcrowding and inappropriate plant positioning. Of particular importance was the substantial undertaking of clearing away a substantial layer of mulch, which had accumulated over the years, in order to invigorate the soil and to reestablish the planting beds.

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What do you think is the best feature?

“My absolute favorite feature is the sweet bay magnolia I added. It’s a personal favorite tree of mine,” Max says. The standout of this property shines through its pristine and rejuvenated landscaping, exuding a captivating sense of structured elegance. The introduction of various elevation levels for plantings has not only enhanced its visual appeal but also ensured ample room for a diverse array of ground cover. The crowning touch is the meticulously selected ground cover comprising ajuga, sedum, and daylilies, which gracefully complements the entire composition.

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What was the biggest challenge?

“The scale of new plant materials needed was in itself a significant endeavor,” Max explains. “Adding to that, we were working within a tight timeframe, so we needed a balance between swiftness and precision in executing the project.” Max focused on intricate aspects, meticulously arranging and situating big quantities of plants with strategic planning. The sheer exertion needed to uproot and remove plants that have succumbed to frost damage or decay, followed by the replacement with vibrant new growth, demands a substantial amount of labor! Max knocked this project out of the park.

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    This such an awesome transformation. I am in the process of changing up the landscape of my home and I hope mine turns out as good as yours. We have the dumpster rental coming next week so we can get started. Thank you for sharing!


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